The power of data gets you closer to your patients.

Koios™: Improving lives today.

The future of healthcare is physicians armed with the power of machine learning. Our mission is to offer radiologists the best tools to improve cancer diagnosis, provide a better healthcare experience at lower cost, and enable physicians and patients to focus on great outcomes.

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Getting to the right treatment as fast as possible saves time and money for caregivers and patients alike



Koios technology utilizes a massive database of medical images, pathology data, and machine learning to give physicians a powerful weapon in the fight against cancer.

The Secret Weapon

Machine learning (a type of artificial intelligence) allows computers to learn and act without being explicitly programmed. Koios has spent nearly a decade developing novel and proprietary algorithms that analyze medical images to make clinical recommendations 

Faster results. Fewer misses.

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Koios DS brings the future of healthcare to radiologists and patients today.


koios DS

Koios Decision Support (DS)* platform is proprietary and patented cloud-based software built on proven machine learning algorithms. It continuously "learns" from an ever-growing database of tens of thousands of radiological images linked to pathology results.

Koios DS provides radiologists with technology they can trust to aid in faster and more accurate diagnosis.